Welcome to the official Cheatin' Snakes About Page.

You're probably here to learn a little more about our back story. 

Take a load off. Pretend it's summer and we're sitting around a roaring campfire.

It all started with a couple of bootleg shirts made on crappy blanks in a smelly garage… (can you smell it?)

Fast forward a little [insert success montage here], and things are *a bit* more grown up. 

We’ve made and shipped slippers, tshirts, lock-picking kits, and our same signature bootlegs to thousands across the planet (what up, Nome, Alaska!). 

Some famous people have worn our stuff. Many other infamous people, as well. Probably more of the latter.

But we stay true to our original dirtbag mentality. “You can take the kid out of the garage…” as they say…

Our clothes are made for those with alternative tastes. You know, the black sheep of the family, the passionate wrestling fan, the tattoo collector, or the proud D&D enthusiast. 

It’s streetwear for those who like a little dirt under their fingernails. 

Cheatin’ Snakes is the brand your Mom warned you about.

We hope you will wear your Cheatin' Snakes with honor, knowing that you are a part of a unique community of like-minded outcasts. Welcome to the family.

~Grant & Co.